Breakbeat Paradise

All the samples on this page are in XI-format for fasttracker 2 and Wave format. Note that some of the wave-files might be a little downtempo due to conversion. I'm sure your music tools can help you uptempo it again :) 

New samplepacks are uploaded in mp3-format, cuz then I can bring you a lot more samples before my webspace runs out :)

Dj[BB] now guarantees...

so...keep coming back everybody!


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Piano and Organs
Samples In Styles

Updates week 13 - 2003

Samplepack Description Amount Size Number of downloads Download
The Snare Collection Snare snare snare. All you could ever need from funky realdrummer snare to electronic snare and vinyl snare. This collection should be adequate for a while :) 213 samples 732 kb (mp3)

Sexy Vocals Awesome sexy female vocals with lots of soul and feeling. 12 samples 576 kb (mp3)

Nu Skool Break Kit 02 Another Kit of Nu Skool Break as a followup on lastweeks package that seemed to be quite popular. Nice acid bass and heavy beats to go with this one! 20+ samples 1.56 mb (mp3)

Strings Strings has been request so here's a lovely collection of orchestra and electronic strings!  16 samples 1.29 mb (mp3)

Smooth Housebeats  A great package of smooth and funky house beats in 130 BPM.   39 samples 1.37 mb (mp3)


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Samplepack Description Amount Size Download
Smooth Housebeats  A great package of smooth and funky house beats in 130 BPM.   39 samples 1.37 mb (mp3) Download
Electro Beats 100 % electronic drumbeats and breaks with groovy hardkick bass and snare!  13 samples 1.02 mb (mp3) Download
Groovefunk Breaks   Drop dead funky collection of hi-quality breaks with loud kickin' snares and effects. 15 samples 1.11 mb (mp3) Download
Oldskool Hip Hop Beats Hard-pumpin oldskool Hip Hop beats from back in the days where bass and snare and spicy rhymes were the dominate factors of a rap tune.  25 samples 992 kb (mp3) Download
No Kick Beats 100 BPM A nice collection of No kick fill-ups for your 4x4 drumbeats or breaks. Lots of cool Bongo loops in 100 BPM. 28 samples 1.00 mb (mp3) Download
No Kick Beats 130 BPM    Another smooth package of Nokicksters for fasters beats - mostly for house/trance productions in 130 BPM!  32 samples 937 kb (mp3) Download
Funky House Beats   A smashing collection of upfront in-your-face House beats in 140 BPM. This Pack has some nice garage beat in it as well! 21 samples 1.04 mb (mp3) Download
Freaky RnB Beats   3 awesome RnB beats with a whole lot of variety and a freaky groovy sound!  3 samples 1.63 mb (mp3) Download
Fast Beats A funky package of fastmovin' acoustic and electronic beats in may styles. House fillers - breaks - newage - drum 'n' bass!  29 samples 948 kb (mp3) Download
125 BPM Housebeats 75 hardpumpin' vocalhouse beats in 125 BPM. Each beat comes in many forms which gives you some variation. 75 samples 1.27 mb (mp3) Download
Deep House Beats   125 BPM Deep house  drumbeats with lots of nice features including filters and bongos. Really Cool stuff! 19 samples 1.15 mb (mp3) Download
Nu Jazz Beats   An awesome collection of unconventional 90 BPM Nu Jazz Beats. Absolutely mind blowing stuff! 16 samples 1.14 mb (mp3) Download
Acid Jazz Beats   Heavy slow and acoustic drumbeats - perfect for acid jazz!   13 samples 1.04 mb (mp3) Download
Bongo Loops A nice collection of bongo drumloops to give that extra funky groove to your drumbeats. Really hot for house beats!  23 samples 752 kb (mp3) Download
Pumping House Beats    A great pack of hard pumpin' progressive house/trance beats in many shapes!  20 samples 1.03 mb (mp3) Download
Cool RnB Beats   Great RnB slamer beats with deep basskick and smacking snares. 2 hot beats with lots of variety! 2 samples 1.23 mb (mp3) Download
Slow 'n' Dirty Beats   Truly funky and dirty lowdown beats with groovy atmosphere! Awesome for breakbeat and pitched up for Drum 'n Bass - and why not use it for Hip Hop/ RnB as well, I really miss some more groovy beats in that these days! 16 samples 0.98 mb (mp3) Download
Hard House Beats   A nice package of deep hard house beats with groovy hard basskicks and tickin' hihats! 17 samples 581 kb (mp3) Download
Hardcore House Beats Fast and hardcore beats with distorted oldskool bassdrum. Reminds me of the good 'ol happy hardcore days!  17 samples 616 kb (mp3) Download
Disco Beat Mania    Funky classic disco beats mixed with hardpumpin' house basskicks and hihat. 18 samples 649 kb (mp3) Download
Housebeat Blaster   Nice and sweet common housebeats with a steady heavy bass! 15 samples 504 kb (mp3) Download
Funky Movin' Breaks   This is the hotness! A truly awesome collection of drop dead funky breakbeats. Yep...the ones we can't get enough of. Do download! 20 samples 1.25 mb (mp3) Download
Drum 'n' Bass Beatpack   A package of highspeed experimental drum 'n' bass drumloops. A little too advanced for me but I hope somebody can use it! :) 24 samples 1.06 mb (mp3) Download
Trancebeat Fillups Bring some funky feeling to you hardpumpin' house beats with these NoKick fillup samples in 130 BPM.  37 samples 1.05 mb (mp3) Download
Rockin' RnB Beats  A package of real rockin' RnB Streetbeats. 4 hi-quality Beats that features the beat in all shapes to give you variety.  4 samples 1.85 mb (mp3) Download
Soulful Beats 90 BPM Clever straight on Soul Hip Hop beats in 90 BPM. Rough snare and kicks in a regular simplebeat construction - for those of you who's not into breaks!  23 samples 1.38 mb (mp3) Download
Cool FX Beats Mindblowin' FX breakbeats in 120 - 140 BPM. Amazing filters and composition of rhythms are characteristic for these drumloops! 23 samples 913 kb (mp3) Download
Funky Breaks Xmas Pack 2002   A xmas present to y'all. A collection of truly funky fastpacked funky breaks!  20 samples 1.35 mb (mp3) Download
140 BPM House Beat Stuff Housekicks and hihat loops with bass and synth running with it! 28 samples 825 kb (mp3) Download
Groovy Soul Beats    Hard pumpin' slow 80 BPM soulful beats for your RnB productions!   13 samples 1.10 mb (mp3) Download
Hardcore Breaks A samplepack with hardkickin' electronic breaks has been requested so I hope this would live up to that. This collection offers a nice mixture of classics breaks and newskool electro beats. 33 samples 917 kb (mp3) Download
Oldskool Breaks Another retro samplepack with funky oldskool breaks from all the good 'ol soul records! 29 samples 0.97 mb (mp3) Download
Slow RnB Beats    2 supercool blasting RnB Beats with lots of variety.   2 samples 1.05 mb (mp3) Download
Bigbeats   A smooth collection of hard pumpin chemical bigbeats to blast out your speakers! Real classics as well as new stuff can be found in this "snack"-pack! 38 samples 1.15 mb (mp3) Download
Nokick Drumloops   Funky drumloops with no basskick to be used together with your house beats to give that extra groovy feeling!  35 samples 0.98 mb (mp3) Download
Hard 'n' Groovy Drumloops Ultra hi-quality hard groovy and funky beats in 110 BPM. 17 samples 898 kb (mp3) Download
The RnB Constructionkit 1  A very cool package of smooth RnB beats. 3 awesome beats well organiszed to create your own kickass RnB rhythm. 3 samples 1.45 mb (mp3) Download
Hard RnB Beats This stuff simply rox! Hard rockin' and shakin' Rnb Hiphop beats in many shapes. Each beat coming in 3 to 5 different forms! 31 samples 1.13 mb (mp3) Download
Funk 'n' Garage Beats An off the hook collection of funk and garage beats to groove up your dance productions! 19 samples 980 kb (mp3) Download
Oldskool Funk Beats   This is how it all started back in the days when the funky drummers started beating thoes drums! It simply doesn't get any funkier than this! 22 samples 0.98 mb (mp3) Download
Drumloops in BPM 123 groovy drumloops from 125 to 130 BMP. Everything from Drum 'n' Bass to House and Ethnic Rhythms can be found in this package. Dispite the large filesize this collection is definitely worth a download! 123 samples 2.13 mb (mp3) Download
RnB Soul HipHop Beats More heavy smooth and nasty beats for your RnB Hiphop productions - or Drum'n'Bass if you pitch it up enough :) 24 samples 871 kb (mp3) Download
Hot RnB Beats   A package with Rnb beats and grooves has been requested so I hope this will cover that one. Loops as used in Destiny's child songs I'm not sure though - I think these are a little harder - but what has ever been wrong with that :)!!! 24 samples 969 kb (mp3) Download
Future Drumloops A spacy freaky collection of drumloops that somehow makes me think about the future. Maybe in 2050 these sounds will be the top stuff - who knows - mayby in 2002 if you mix it right! :) 21 samples 2.80 mb (mp3) Download
Oldskool Classic Beats The top stuff is back for all of us retro heads. These ol' drumloop kicks ass and mixing them right will make 'em as fresh as ever! 26 samples 1.18 mb (mp3) Download
Progressive House Beats Another nice package of progressive upfront house beats to keep the dancefloor packed. Some of them even features a little bongoloop on the side...I love that stuff! 21 samples 542 kb (mp3) Download
Supreme Beats   Supreme hard 'n low down dirty hiphop and RnB Beats in 105 BMP. Includes some really awesome filtered electro beats as well! 18 samples 704 kb (mp3) Download
Disco Rhythms If you need that good 'ol disco vibe to your tune - this is a collection of beats to make that happed. All beats in 127 BPM. 22 samples 716 kb (mp3) Download
Pumpin' Funk House Beats A package of Funk House drumbeats in a style that rules the dancefloors and radio vibes these days.  23 samples 719 kb (mp3) Download
Oldskool Breaks   Some of these breaks might have been released on this website before and I sure used a lot of them in my productions but I just can't get enought of these classic oldskool breaks! There are some surprices in this pack though so give it a download! 29 samples 1.2 mb (mp3) Download
Funky Clubhouse Beats A groovy pack of funky high-quality dancefloor beats! 20 samples 720 kb (mp3) Download
Funky House Beats 25 steady 4x4 house drumloops with a nice funky feeling to it! 25 samples 501 kb (mp3) Download
Dub Club Beats A smooth collection of dub club pumpin' housebeats. Suitable for uplifting progressive productions. 17 samples 321 kb (mp3) Download
Kool Breaks A awesome package of oldskool and nuage breaks from Dnb to Tecbreaks and Classic funky breaks! 22 samples 418 kb (mp3) Download
Fast RnB/Disco Beats 100 BPM   This is another fresh package of groovy RnB - Hip-Hop beats with a little tough of Disco to it - Be sure to check 'em out!  20 samples 756 kb (mp3) Download
Uplifting House Beats A fine collection of uplifting house beats in 128 BPM. Should help you keep them dancefloors packed! 22 Samples 694 kb (mp3) Download
118 BPM Drumloops Another nice package of drumloops to be used in you dancefloor tunes. 20 samples 680 kb (mp3) Download
Fast RnB/Disco Beats 100 BPM   This is another fresh package of groovy RnB - Hip-Hop beats with a little tough of Disco to it - Be sure to check 'em out!  20 samples 756 kb (mp3) Download
Disco Beat Vibes A collection of smooth going Disco Vibes with live claps and everything. 17 beats in 110 BPM.  17 Samples 599 kb (mp3) Download
World Beats If somebody are looking for the wild world music sound - maybe these samples can help you out. The package also includes some nice dance/house beats. 22 samples in 125 BPM! 22 samples 706 kb (mp3) Download
Freaky Breakz Here is your weekly supply of funky breakbeats. Freaky as hell this time! 28 samples 2.37 mb (mp3) Download
Groovy Breaks Yet another blastin' collection of groovy breakbeats. Most of them with a funky groove melodi to it! 34 samples 1.24 mb (mp3) Download
Funky Fly Beats This is the shit...this is simply the shit. As funky - as groovy - as super fly as it gets. 35 outstanding breakbeats to spice up your productions! 35 samples 647 kb (mp3) Download
Hard Rockin' Beats   This is the treat of the week. Nice and hard rockin' beats and slow breaks in 97 BPM. 19 samples 921 kb (mp3) Download
Upfront Steady Beats 100 BPM steady in-your-face beats with lots of nice features,  18 samples 850 kb (mp3) Download
Funky Oldskool Breaks Another groovy collection of some of the funkiest oldskool breaks around! This shit is timeless... 16 samples 608 kb (mp3) Download
Slow Beatz 85 BPM drumloops to give you that old slow groove! 16 samples 822 kb (mp3) Download
Classic Drumloops  A really great pack with some of the best classic drumloops of all times! You've heard them all before...but damn they are funky! 27 samples 1.08 mb (mp3) Download
Drumloop Pack Week 24 This mp3 contains some pretty exciting and advanced drumbeats. 12 samples 334 kb (mp3) Download
Drumloop Pack Week 23 A really nice package of classic drumloops! 73 samples 1.23 mb (mp3) Download
Speedcore Drumloops A package of really fast drumloops in 145 BPM in all genres! 23 samples 640 kb (mp3) Download
Various Beats Nice smooth and cool drumloops for rap and RnB in 103 BPM! 19 samples 735 kb (mp3) Download
Drum & Bass Beats Really groovy Drum & Bass/Nu Skool breaks loops in 165 BPM! 19 samples 449 kb (mp3) Download
Filtered Beats Various filtered drumloops in 120 BPM! 19 samples 631 kb (mp3) Download
Fresh Beats A package fresh funk, house loops in 125 BPM! 22 samples 706 kb (mp3) Download
Goa-Trance Beats A genre I dont know much about myself but these loops sounds to me like Goa - nice stuff! 16 samples 462 kb (mp3) Download
Outstanding Beatz These drumloops are totally awesome. A great mixture of oldskool and nu skool vibes in 105 BPM, 20 samples 759 kb (mp3) Download
Freaky Beatz A collection of real freaky beats in 110 BPM.  20 samples 762 kb (mp3) Download
Drumloop Pack Week 17 Another groovy pack of drumloops in wave-files for your productions!  21 samples 3,59 mb (wave) Download
50 Fly Drumloops 50 of them fly rockin' drumloop in seperate wave-files for direct use in your productions! 50 samples 9,06 mb (wave) Download
Funky Beatz Nice funk beats with lots of variety.  18 Samples 718 kb (mp3) Download
Bongoloops 12 fly bongoloops providing you with that good ol' 70's atmosphere! 12 Samples 827 kb (mp3) Download

Slow Jazz Beats

Slow but pumpin' smooth jazz drumloops with lots of energy. Nice for dnb as weel when played in high-speed! 12 samples 1.45 mb (mp3) Download
Smooth RnB Beats 20 smooth goin' RnB beats in 93 BPM. 20 Samples 995 kb (mp3) Download
Lowdown dirty beatz Smooth blastin' 80 BPM loops with lots of soul. 15 Samples 828 kb (mp3) Download
High Speed Drumloops Fast running drum 'n bass loops in 140+ BPM! Great loops! 46 Samples 1,49 mb (mp3) Download
Deep House Drumbeats 20 pumpin' deep house beats with lots of varieties! 20 Samples 958 kb (mp3) Download
Leftfield chillout drumloops 20 groovy laidback chillout drumloops in 100 BPM. 20 Samples 921 kb (mp3) Download
House, Trance & Club Drumbeats  60 samples of kickin' dancefloor beats in 3 mp3-files in the speed 123 - 128 BPM. A really nice pack to spice up your club productions. Check it out... 60 Samples 1,72 mb (mp3) Download
Hip Hop and Rnb Beats! (Super Fine)


16 Samples of 85 BPM Bassbeatloops and 15 samples of 90 BPM breaks. A must download! 31 Samples 1.37 mb (mp3) Download
Funky Drumloops  A brand new pack with lots of groovy blastin' Breakbeats for your Triphop/Hiphop/RnB/Electronic trax! 27 samples 4.69 mb (xi)

5.32 mb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave) 

Funky breakbeats This pack is filled up with funky blastin breakbeats - the foundation of the BB style! 54 samples 5.38 mb (xi)

6.08 mb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave) 

Ol'skool breakbeats  Classic well-knows good'ol beats that brings you joy just listining to it, thinking of all the songs they have been used in :) 17 samples 1.01 mb (xi)

1.08 mb (wave)

Download (XI)

Download (Wave)

Drum&bass/Jungle Upfront drum&bass/jungle stuff for your productions! 9 samples 965 kb (xi)

1.03 mb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave)

House/Trance Dancefloor house/dance beats - typical 4x4 rhythms! 13 samples 1.13 mb (xi)

1.28 mb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave)

Triphop Slow nasty tripbeats with lots of atmosphere! 8 samples 295 kb (xi)

331 kb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave)

DJ[BB]'s own Breakbeats Beats and rhythms from my own productions! 7 samples 2.65 mb (xi)

5.07 mb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (wave)

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Samplepack Description Amount Size Download
Funky Deep Bass   Too give you the whole funky package this week you will need some deeeeep basslines! Lovely stuff! 29 samples 901 kb (mp3) Download
Acoustic Basslines    Smashin' 'n' smooth acoustic basslines to use in your Drum 'n' Bass tracks or any electronic style! Cool stuff!  20 samples 484 kb (mp3) Download
Strictly Bass All sorts if electric and acoustic bass sounds and basslines. 41 samples 862 kb (mp3) Download
Basslines   A nice samplepack with groovy basslines in styles from funk to acid and jungle bass! 17 samples 1.11 mb (mp3) Download
Basspack A nice collection of various bass sounds.Everything from acoustic to electric to synth! 38 samples 1.00 mb (mp3) Download
Deep Bass A lot of cool bass sounds in all shaps and styles. It would be strange if there isn't something u can use in here! 25 samples 1.59 mb (mp3) Download
Bass 124 bass sounds in all kinds. From electric to acustic! 124 samples 846 kb (mp3) Download
Various Bass 44 boomin' bass sounds for y'all 44 samples 684 kb (mp3) Download
Bass Synths 16 nasty bass synths to use in special occasions... :)  16 samples 248 kb (mp3) Download
Electric and Acid Synths   Some real nice electrical stuff! 16 samples 338 kb (mp3) Download
Electric Bass A mindblowin' collection of nasty electric bass sounds! 26 samples 1,30 (wave) Download
Bass sounds 16 fine bass sounds. 16 samples 135 kb (mp3) Download
House Club Bass  Groovy bass and atmospheres for your house/trance productions 41 samples 780 kb (mp3) Download
Housebass Deep groovy house bass to use with your housebeats! 7 samples (xi)

16 samples (wave)

68.2 kb (xi)

1.29 mb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave)

Funkbass All kinds of funky bass sounds, noices and atmosphere! 42 samples 231 kb (xi)

392 kb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave)

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Samplepack Description Amount Size Download
Filtered Acidlines   303 Acidline coolness! 12 smashing oldskool acid house noise samplelines. People like me with partiality for Acid will loves these spicy samples! 12 samples 1.34 mb (mp3) Download
Acid Basslines A package of spicy acid basslines and strikes. 24 samples 542 kb (mp3) Download
Spicy Acidlines   Awesome spicy acidlines to smack some techno into you productions. It doesn't get better than this - be sure to download this one! 17 samples 1.00 mb (mp3) Download
Yamaha Synth Bass and Lead A sweet collection of acid synth bass and leads. I know its a large package but it sure is worth a download! 86 samples 1.65 mb (mp3) Download
Acid Synth and Bass A groovy samplepack with nasty mechanical noisy acid synth and bass! 36 samples 653 kb (mp3) Download
303 Acid synth 200 fantastic good 'ol 303 acid synths. They might be small in size but thye are damn funky! 200 samples 455 kb (mp3) Download
Acidnoise  A nice samplepack with noisy acid sounds to create a nasty admosphere!  18 samples 278 kb (mp3) Download
Acidline 7 groovy electronic acid lines! 7 samples 593 kb (mp3) Download
303/808/909 Acid & Acidbass I just never gets tired of using some spicy acid in my songs - here are some of my favorits! 53 samples 513 kb (xi)

628 kb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave)

Noice Real lowdown dirty industrial acidnoice!  21 samples 116 kb (xi)

125 kb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave)

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Samplepack Description Amount Size Download
Wah Wah Guitar Totally cool samplepack with awesome 70s wah wah guitar! Riffs, loops and chords in many keys can be found in here! 30 samples 1.05 mb (mp3) Download
Funky Guitar    Superb groovy and funky guitar riffs with wah wah effects and everything else needed to make a funky breakbeat tune!  26 samples 1.01 mb (mp3) Download
Distorted Guitar Loops    Guitar of the hardest kind with lots of heavy distortion on! Smashing for techno and break productions! Crystal Method used these kinda loops a lot on thier lastest album! 17 samples 788 kb (mp3) Download
Funky Guitar Riffs Ohh yeah - that guitarist goes crazy with that funky guitar of his!!! This shit is useful for everything to give a little extra life. Nice for breakbeat for sure! 20 samples 793 kb (mp3) Download
Guitarlines A sweet package of funky guitarlines and loops. Nice one!  37 samples 998 kb (mp3) Download
Distorted Guitar Hard stuff...maybe even heavy metal guitar - but I would be the right person to judge that - its not my field. Rough guitar...thats all I can say! :) 22 samples 676 kb (mp3) Download
Funk Guitar  14 absolutely fantastic funk guitar lines - perfect for your entry in the breakbeat contest 2002! 14 samples 608 kb (mp3) Download
Guitar Riffs 12 elegant guitar riffs to be used in all genres of music! 12 Samples 819 kbh (mp3) Download
Funky guitar Cool 'n' groovy 70's funk guitar 22 samples 6.37 mb (xi)

7.64 mb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave)

Synth                                                Back to Menu

Samplepack Description Amount Size Download
Mellow Pads   Outta sight mellow pads and atmospheres that simply give me chills on my back. Nice for dancefloor productions when you want that chillout break in the middle where people catches their breath!  9 samples 1.04 mb (mp3) Download
Dance Keys    15 awesome dance synthlines with nice filters and melodies.  15 samples 0.98 mb (mp3) Download
Techno House Melodies This weeks update is surely dedicated to the house music producers. Here is a cool collection of Synth, Piano, Ordans and bass melodies!  23 samples 1.20 mb (mp3) Download
Cool Synthlines    More groovy synthmelodies can be found in this smooth package! Including some really cool mellow pads as well!  9 samples 999 kb (mp3) Download
Dance Synth Stuff   A really nice collection of dance synth, bass and atmospheres! Everything you need for dance music! 79 samples 820 kb (mp3) Download
Synthesizer Pads   A collection of tender smooth synth with an awesome mellow feeling to it - great stuff! 11 samples 1.59 mb (mp3) Download
Stringloops Cool synth string melodilines with lots of atmosphere and soul. Cool stuff! 14 samples 1.44 mb (mp3) Download
Cool Synth A useful pack with synth sweep and atmospheres.  9 samples 1.61 mb (mp3) Download
Various Synthlines A fine collection of various synth, gated synth, bass and melody-lines. There should be something useful for everybody in this one. 30 samples 1.50 mb (mp3) Download
Vintage Synth Pads Super high quality vintage synthesizer pads and atmospheres. Nice and trippy stuff! 10 samples 868 kb (mp3) Download
Sweep synth A nice collection of sweep synth and basslines. Gives you that atmosphere you are looking for! 45 samples 1.2 mb (mp3) Download
Synth & Melodylines Continuation of the same trail from last week we give you another handy package of ready-to-use synth and melodylines!  15 samples 865 kb (mp3) Download
Gated Synthlines These samples has a quite unique concept. Take a synthtone and turn the volume up and down and put tons of filter on it. The effect is awesome! 15 samples 943 kb (mp3) Download
Melodies A nice package of melodylines to support the synthlines package. Personally I'm against this kind of samples - it destroys the freedom of creating your own melodies - but maybe thats just me! 28 samples 614 kb (mp3) Download
Synthlines   This samplepack was requested last week. I'm not quite sure this is what you wanted but its a goodie anyway! Sorry about the pitch of some of these samples but I'm sure you know how to deal with that!  32 samples 493 kb (mp3) Download
Beautiful Synth/Sweep   A package of some real atmospheric and beautiful sweeplines. 5 samples 773 kb (mp3) Download
Synth 4 Our Generation  32 fantastic dance/house 'n trance synth from and for our generation of electronic musicians! 32 samples 887 kb (mp3) Download
Pads 'n' Admospheres Great synth pads and admospheres with lots of energy! 20 samples 378 kb (mp3) Download
Various Synths 35 groovy synth sounds in different forms!  32 samples 352 kb (mp3) Download
Pads & Atmosphere 11 massive atmosphere samples with lots of feeling and emotion. 11 Samples 1.19 mb (mp3) Download

Groovy Dance Synth

45 state of the art dance synths for your dancefloor productions - really top stuff! 45 samples 1.30 mb (mp3) Download

House Club Atmosphere 

Groovy house sounds to create atmospere in you house productions. 10 Samples 1.03 mb (mp3) Download

Dance synthz

Groovy synthz and sounds for your dancefloor productions. 38 Samples 1.07 mb (mp3) Download

House synth sweeps

Lovely smooth high quality sweep sounds that gives you chillz just listening to it. 6 Samples 791 kb (mp3) Download


Nice and sweet synthsweeps to give warmth and atmosphere! 35 samples 999 kb (xi)

1.28 mb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave)


Dance/house & club synth to spice up your dance trax! 31 samples 429 kb (xi)

517 kb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave)

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Samplepack Description Amount Size Download
Strings Strings has been request so here's a lovely collection of orchestra and electronic strings!  16 samples 1.29 mb (mp3) Download
Violins A smooth collection of violin and other string sounds. Really cool atmospheres can be created with these samples! 38 samples 394 kb (mp3) Download
Orchestra Samples An awesome collection of orchestra instruments - should be enough to make your own symphony :) 89 samples 1.2 mb (mp3) Download
Mellow Strings An emotional package of mellow violins and other string sounds. 20 samples 1.17 mb (mp3) Download


Piano and Organs                             Back to Menu

Samplepack Description Amount Size Download
Cool jazzy Pianolines   Fantastic collection of jazzy pianolines in different tones! Perfect for Rap 'n RnB and electronic productions. 16 samples 1.29 mb (mp3) Download
House Organs   Cool mellow house organs with lots of atmosphere. Not just suitable house music!  28 samples 1.06 mb (mp3) Download
Organ Keys More mellow organ keys has been requested so here is another fine collections of that!  31 samples 0.98 mb (mp3) Download
Smooth Organs   A sweet and mellow pack of easygoing organ samples with a whole lot of atmosphere. Both loops and standalone chords can be found in this one! 30 samples 965 kb (mp3) Download
Various Keys   A smooth collection of tender atmospheric organs and piano samples. Lots of mellow stuff in this one! 49 samples 1.45 mb (mp3) Download
Classic Organs A package of some nice classical organ - everything from electric organs to church organs! 25 samples 290 kb (mp3) Download
Classic Piano 10 sweet classical piano samples that sounds exactly like you were there pushing the keys! 10 samples 219 kb (mp3) Download
Piano Indispensable samplespack with great piano samples! 22 Samples 285 kb (mp3) Download
Jazzy Organs Cool atmospheric jazz organs that can really bring some soul to your productions! 12 Samples 635 kb (mp3) Download
Organs Funky organs is something that can never be used too often and will never go out of style - so make sure to get this pack! 32 Samples 661 kb (mp3) Download


Horns                                              Back to Menu

Samplepack Description Amount Size Download
Nu Jazz Saxophone    Nu jazz atmosphere in 12 groovy samplelines with spicy mellow saxophonelines.  12 samples 0.97 mb (mp3) Download
Big Band Horns   Once in a while you just need that ol' big band orchestra to get the right soulful feeling. Here is a pack to make that happend! 46 samples 1.11 mb (mp3) Download
Funky Sax    As a follow-up on last weeks jazzy sax. Here are a groovy collection of dirty 'n' funky saxophonelines and loops! 66 samples 1.04 mb (mp3) Download
Jazzy Sax Sax samples has been requested and here are some really jazzy and atmospheric ones to go with your mellow productions. Some funky sax will be in next weeks update!  30 samples 1.46 mb (mp3) Download
Big Band Horn Orchestra   Imagine having a whole hornsection from a big band in front of you. Thats what you get in this groovy samplepack! 30 samples 766 kb (mp3) Download
Brass Horns Hits This package contains some really cool orchestra hits - mainly Brass Horns in various notes! 13 samples 462 kb (mp3) Download
Saxophone Spicy outstanding saxophone lines - really funky! Damn...I love this instrument! 12 Samples 484 kb (mp3) Download


Drum-Stuff                                     Back to Menu

Samplepack Description Amount Size Download
The Snare Collection Snare snare snare. All you could ever need from funky realdrummer snare to electronic snare and vinyl snare. This collection should be adequate for a while :) 213 samples 732 kb (mp3) Download
Acoustic Hihats    Here's a package for those of you who are getting tired of all the same synthesizer hihat and need some acoustic feeling to the beat. This package contains: Open/Closed hihats, crashes, shakers, tambourine, cymbal...   87 samples 942 kb (mp3) Download
Vinyl Beatkit   A nice little goodie bag of snare, hihats and bassdrums from vinly drumloops. Construct your own oldskool beat with the right retro feeling!  171 samples 473 kb (mp3) Download
Drumkit - Beat Constructor   Lots of oldskool beats cut into pieces for you to create your own breaks. A lot of nice kicks, snare and hihats can be found in this one!  192 samples 1.43 mb (mp3) Download
Funky Snare    Lots of nice 'ol snaredrum. You'll find 'em heavy - soft - hard - distorted - classical and trunly funky! Create your own breaks with these!   78 samples 577 kb (mp3) Download
Dry Drumkit   A nice little connection of acoustic drum sounds to put together your own funky drumbeats! 40 samples 307 kb (mp3) Download
Kong X5 Drumpack   Another drumset samplepack to create your own drumbeats with! All samples are from the great Kong X5 synth! 109 samples 958 kb (mp3) Download
The Hihat Collection I dont want anybody to run out of hihats so here is a wide collection directly from my personal sample archive! You'll find all kinds of hihat in this one! 97 Samples 376 kb (mp3) Download
Percussion 35 samples of tick tack snare stuff to help you spice up your breaks!  35 samples 159 kb (mp3) Download
Drumsets A new concept is now being introduced. A collecting of drumsamples from different keyboards and styles can be found in this one making it possible to create your own beats! 88 samples 317 kb (mp3) Download
House Claps A handy collection of claps-sounds! 30 samples 250 kb (mp3) Download
Various Hihats All sorts of hihats - mostly suitable for house/club music! 30 samples 161 kb (mp3) Download
Invert Crashes and Hits   Crashes and invert crashes and rides! 14 samples 304 kb (mp3) Download
Drumkicks A pack of hardkickin' drums to make a foundation for your house or breakbeats! 52 samples 1,33 mb (wave) Download
Crash It all starts out with a crash doesn't it? Here's the pack to do it with! 15 samples 928 kb (wave) Download
Basskick Bassdrums for house and breaks! 47 samples 238 kb (xi)

352 kb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave)

Hihats A variety of different hihats! 51 samples 235 kb (xi)

217 kb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave)

Snare Groovy snares to create your own breakbeats! 35 samples 214 kb (xi)

222 kb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave)

Clap Claps 4 your housebeats 46 samples 430 kb (xi)

459 kb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave)


Voice                                               Back to Menu

Samplepack Description Amount Size Download
Sexy Vocals Awesome sexy female vocals with lots of soul and feeling. 12 samples 576 kb (mp3) Download
Tender Vocals    Another beautiful collection of sweet female vocals - from a without doubt talented artist!   14 samples 875 kb (mp3) Download
Female Party Vocals    30 nice female songlines about dancing and partying by the same artist. Great voice!  30 samples 913 kb (mp3) Download
Voice and Effects Mindblowin' collection of boomin' effects and voicelines! Something for everybody..give it a download! Can't promise royalty free samples in this one! 27 samples 3.06 mb (mp3) Download
Pop Male Vocals 7 nice songlines from this talented male vocalist.  7 samples 988 kb (mp3) Download
Hip Hop Male Raplines    A package of smooth Hip Hop male raplines to pump some life in your productions.  27 samples 900 kb (mp3) Download
House 'n' Trance Vocalpack #2   This weeks dose of funky male and female house/Trance voicelines! You know this shit kicks ass! 14 samples 1.09 mb (mp3) Download
House 'n' Trance Vocalpack #1 Due to several requests on House/Trance vocals we are starting a cavalcade of House vocalpacks which will run in the next 4 weeks. Check out this weeks funky male and female house voicelines!  19 samples 1.20 mb (mp3) Download
Norman Cook Samplecollection   Other than this amazing collection of some of Fatboy Slim's favorite samples we have a big variety of drumbeats for you this week. This pack is filled up with cool vocal hooks and quates and is a must download! 38 samples 3.29 mb (mp3) Download
Sweet Song Vocals   Sweet female vocalists singin' their hearts out with some smooth melodies!  28 samples 940 kb (mp3) Download
House Vocals   A truly awesome collection of funky house male and female vocals and voicelines. Great stuff! 57 samples 1.05 mb (mp3) Download
Funky Vocals   Ohh yeah - ain't it funky! If not...these vocal and voicelines should be able to help you out! Lots of groovy James Brown sound-a-like vocals in this one! 55 samples 957 kb (mp3) Download
Vocal 'n' Effects  An awesome collection of vocals and effects for intros in your electronic music productions. Some are well-known other are unheard off. So give it a download! 32 samples 3.56mb (mp3) Download
Mixture Classic Vocals A great pack with some of the classic vocal and voice samples that keep being used in todays songs. Why dont we all just use it - cuz that are truly great? 58 samples 1.47 mb (mp3) Download
Male Vocalstuff    A handy package of male vocal stuff of all kinds. Suitable from breakbeat for sure! 30 samples 921 kb (mp3) Download
Female Vocallines Sweet tender female songlines to use in your dancefloor productions. 6 samples 833 kb (mp3) Download
Cool Voicelines 'n quotations  A handy little collection of some cool quotations I have collected over the time from movies games and records! 23 samples 1.36 mb (mp3) Download
Male Voicelines Male vocal voicelines and punchlines. Would go great with breakbeat and drum'n'bass productions! 27 samples 839 kb (mp3) Download
Remix Vocalpack Beautiful soulful female vocals with a good melody + some nice backgroud vocals. The source is unknown so I wouldn't advise you to use it commerically.  14 samples 655 kb (mp3) Download
Sweet Female Vocals   Amazing sweet female vocals to be used in your dance productions. (All vocals are performed by the same singer) 12 samples 823 kb (mp3) Download
Male Voices   A collection of male voiceslines and remarks. Lots of goodies in this one! 43 samples 725 kb (mp3) Download
Female Raplines     A package of  high quality female raplinesa dn rhymes. This is groovy stuff formostly anything from hiphop to dance productions. 38 samples 1.04 mb (mp3) Download
Smooth Female Vocals   A package of really high quality female vocals with nice stereo effects on. Most of the vocals are connected and can be used as one whole vocalline! 14 samples 1.24 mb (mp3) Download
Smooth Male Vocals   A collection of male vocals from the same serie as the above female vocals. Really cool reggae kind of voice! 15 samples 1.02 mb (mp3) Download
Direcly From Da Sampler Here come a samplepack direcly from the sampler to the second-hands heads in the place who keeps the old vibe alive by using old stuff mixed in new grooves! Lots of fine samplerips can be found in this one! 23 samples 1.09 mb (mp3) Download
Voice and Punchline Pack   This package is full of awesome voice punchlines from various sources. It should contain a little something for everybody! Note that these samples can be under copyright! 68 samples 783 kb (mp3) Download
Full Female Song Vocal    In continuation of last weeks vocal samplepack here is another fine collection of connecting female vocals. This time with the theme "I don't love you any more" performed with lots of soul! 21 samples 698 kb (mp3) Download
Full Song Vocals A nice pack with connecting female vocals with the theme "Don't try to put me down". Lots of variation of these sweet and tender, soulful vocals can be found in this one! 26 samples 813 kb (mp3) Download
True Rhymes and Raplines Cool male rapper rhymes to be used in your RnB/HipHop or Dancefloor productions. 37 samples 908 kb (mp3) Download
Supervocals Its no wonder these vocals has been named supervocals - cuz thats what they are. A small collection of groovy female and male vocals! 14 samples 1.14 mb (mp3) Download
Effect Vocals   A nice collection of male and female vocals covered by lots of groovy effects and filters. 20 samples 885 kb (mp3) Download
Pitched Up Voices Punch-line vocals with a groovy pitch up effect to it. Kinda like two layered voice samples!    13 samples 300 kb (mp3) Download
Vocoder Voices   A truly awesome collection of vocoder voices. This stuff just never stops being cool! This is a must download 4 all electroheadz! 38 samples 1.2 mb (mp3) Download
Female Vocals A smooth and rare collection of female vocals - or more likely voices cuz most of these samples are short...but there are a lot of them! 53 samples 719 kb (mp3) Download
Club Vocals   25 awesome club vocals for your dancefloor productions. 25 samples 235 kb (mp3) Download
Sci-Fi Vocals   Absolutly fantastic High-tech vocals to add some atmosphere to your trax! Very cool stuff!  20 samples 969 kb (mp3) Download
Background Vocals A sweet package of male and female background groups to roll some extra vibes over your tunes!  29 samples 1.58 mb (mp3) Download
Amiga Voices This is top stuff! Former Amiga owners would surely get a sentimental feeling hearing the retro sounds of these voices! 108 samples 681 kb (mp3) Download
Dance Vocals 13 angelic female vocals for all you dancefloor pumpers out there! 13 samples 1.54 mb (mp3) Download
Female/Male Songlines Another funky songline package 4 y'all - Im sure you'll love this one! 32 high-quality male and female vocals! 32 samples 1.30 mb (mp3) Download
Songlines   Brilliant collection of songlines with effects and grooves. 27 samples 1.40 mb (mp3) Download
Hip Hop Stuff This package is a must download for all breakers. Its gives you some really great oldskool rap line, noices and scratches to play around with! A lot of samples 1.05 mb (mp3) Download
Dancefloor Vocals   Screams, voice, vocals, hooks for your dancefloor productions 25 samples 703 kb (mp3) Download
House Voice and Vocals   House vocallines and screams to spice up your house trax! 25 samples 571 kb (mp3) Download
Vocallines Sweet, cool 'n' groovy voical and voicesline. 25 samples 580 kb (mp3) Download
Voice and Vocals I noticed that what you guys are downloading the most on this website is the vocals in wave-files so I thought I would give you some more of that!!! 72 samples 8,27 mb (wave) Download
Vocal and Voice Hooks  25 smashin' vocal and voice hooks 25 samples 897 kb (mp3) Download
Groovy voices and vocals Some really phat 'n groovy voices, vocals. hooks and screams. 25 samples 836 kb (mp3) Download
Dance/House Voice and Vocals Really high quality dance/house club voices, vocals, hooks and screams. 50 samples 1.57 mb (mp3) Download
Voices Voices, hooks, scream, quotes & sounds - something 4 everybody! 55 samples 3.22 mb (xi)

3.53 mb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave)

Vocals Sweet female vocals and groovy male vocals! 52 samples 4.14 mb (xi)

4.15 mb (wave)

Download (Xi)

Download (Wave)

Sound Effects                                      Back to Menu

Samplepack Description Amount Size Download
Space Effect Textures    More effects stuff for intro has been requested - and this pack should give you the genuine thing! Just hook up your mic and speak with these mindblowing effect in the background!  4 samples 1.57 mb (mp3) Download
Oldskool Scratch   A groovy collection of oldskool scratchsounds and lines. A must for all HipHop/Rnb and Breakbeat pruducers!  50 samples 760 kb (mp3) Download
Crazy Madness Loops This is truly madness! Crazy loops that sounds mostly like a mixture between an old horror movie and rockin' chemical synth! 16 samples 1.14 mb (mp3) Download
Stabs   All the stabs crashes and hits you could every dream of! Sci-fi, Soul, Rock it has it all! A total must for all breakbeat producers!  128 samples 1.03 mb (mp3) Download
Radioloops   Groovy radio effects with voice and radio sounds - nice tool for djs!  20 samples 807 kb (mp3) Download
Cool Effects   All the sounds effect you can imagine - this is a must checkout!  195 samples 1.84 mb (mp3) Download
Effects   Noises, recordssounds, scratch and other sorts of effects! Cool stuff!  43 samples 1.10 mb (mp3) Download
The FX Pack The sound effect pack. Everything from Jetplains to Space sounds. A lot of groovy stuff in this baby! 27 samples 1.09 mb (mp3) Download
Scratch Sounds To all the breakers and hiphopers out there another mindblowing collection of vinyl scratch sounds and hits...groovy stuff for sure! 52 samples 296 kb (mp3) Download
Oldskool Scratch Another lovely collection of vinyl scratch samples. I know its "outer style" but I still think it kicks ass. I'll use it as much a possible! Check it out!  30 samples 657 kb (mp3) Download
Recordplayer Sounds I had a request about some vinyl sound and here a a little goodiepack with a few of those + some other cool recordsplayer sounds! Great stuff! 5 Samples 51 kb (mp3) Download
Techno Noises Acid and psychedelic synth and all kinds of wired electric sounds and noises. Mindblowing stuff 4 sure! 51 samples 720 kb (mp3) Download
Scratch  19 groovy oldskool scratch sounds! Since this is a breakbeat site it is actually a scandal that this is the first scratch samplepackge to get on this sites. You will see more of this in the future! That's a promise :) 19 samples 885 kb (wave) Download
Sound Effects You always need some sounds to make that thing you got in your head come out right! Here is a collection of sound effects to make that possible for you!  59 samples 854 kb (mp3) Download


Samples in styles:                                Back to Menu

Samplepack Description Amount Size Download
Nu Skool Break Kit 02 Another Kit of Nu Skool Break as a followup on lastweeks package that seemed to be quite popular. Nice acid bass and heavy beats to go with this one! 20+ samples 1.56 mb (mp3) Download
Nu Skool Break Kit 01   Totally awesome collection of Nu Skool Break samples. This pack will provide you with everything you need to make a kickass Nu Skool Break tune! Beats, Bass, Effects, Basskick, Snare, Hihats and noices. 20+ samples 1.73 mb (mp3) Download
Hip Hop Samples A sweet package off all you need to create a sweet hip hop tune! Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Beats, Effects & Scratch! 25 samples 894 kb (mp3) Download
Funky Disco Samples   I wasn't sure if these samples were actually melody acapellas :) They have been used so many times in house music these last years but here's your chance to play around with them and hopefully make new hits on 'em - cuz the samples are totally awesome for sure! This is a must download for all house music producers!  16 samples 2.97 mb (mp3) Download
Oldskool Rave Melodylines Lots of cool basslines, pianolines and sweeps are to be found in this collection of ready-to-use oldskool rave samples!  28 samples 1.13 mb (mp3) Download
Trance Samples     After many weeks of RnB and HipHop samples I wanted to give you some electronic samples this week. This samplepack gives you all you need for your trance productions - beats, basslines and acidlines!  25 samples 543 kb (mp3) Download
Dancefloor Loops   A nice collection of melodylines for your dancefloor trax. Acid, piano, synth and basslines its all here! Check it out!  28 samples 1.60 mb (mp3) Download


I hope you will enjoy these samples and I hope they will help you make some really groovy trax - they sure helped me!

This page will be updated with more samples once in a while so keep checking it - and if you have special requests of what kind of samples you need just feel free to mail me!


This page was last updated 27-03-2003

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