Breakbeat Contest 2002

In yet another attempt to keep the breakbeat scene alive, I'm throwing this contest to get y'all workin' with them breaks and grooves to create the funkiest breakbeat track in the summer 2002!

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Spy on WAX

Check the interview with SPY on Wax

Spy on Wax Like That

Wow…do I need to say more. This is simply a masterpiece! It’s more of less a school example in how to make a funky breakbeat track. It has this oldskool classic 60s groovy to it that simply blows my mind! The mixture of the different elements collaborates smoothly with the main pianoline and the cool organ. But what really makes this track so funky is the horns and the cool “Rock the beat” sample that you just can’t hear too often! However the beat could have been just a little bit harder and versatile but I’m not sure if the track would loose its class if the beat gets to dominant.

This track has the theme the style the groovy and definitely the sounds so I gotta give this baby a maximum rate!

 Dj Dr. Prozak

Dj Dr. Prozak IRS 1

Irs 1 features some really funky beats and grooves. It’s a really high-quality production that has all it takes to make it in the modern Nu Skool Break scene. Its starts out great with flanger filtered break that builds up into the super fly beats that carries this baby to the end. The beat is pretty unpredictable with lots of variety which is really cool!

It looks too me like Prozak is not new to this style by the way he is using effects like vocoder voices and filters. However I’m missing a theme melody to catch my ear to rate this one to the top. The production quality is in the top range no doubt about that but this track could need a small touch of originality.

Michael Barker

Michael Barker Machine Funk

Michael Barker is a really talented musician but breakbeat is not really his thing. I took this track into the contest cuz I thought we could use some laid-back vibes among all these progressive trax! The main beat in Machine Funk is truly one of the greatest old breakbeats of all time which is probably why you have heard it before. The melody is truly mellow and atmospheric and the instrument used in this song is very deliberate.

There is nothing you can put you finger on in this production but its not really a breakbeat song so I can’t give a top grade here.

Murky Depths

none Come

This trippy track is truly lovely and has a lot nice features. Hearing a track with samples from Breakbeat Paradise go together as fine as this really makes my effort in keeping the website updated with new samples worth while. The guitarriff, pianolines and vocals just seem to blend in perfectly with the James Brown – Funky President beat! Almost like it was created for it!

This track is really awesome and I have nothing to add except the fact that I’m judging these trax with a pair of breakbeat glasses on and I miss a little extra unexpected twist to give this the top grade.


none Phat Bass

Phatt Bass is groovy track with a nice steady garage beat and really fine samples. The main baseline goes perfectly with the beat and the scratch samples are totally awesome. The acid synth sounds are a little out of tune but the synthline in the end of the track goes smoothly along with the forward moving garage beat. The track is a real tease while its going on but it ends abruptly.

When Daymoe told me that this was his first track to finish I was pretty amazed. I wished my first track sounded just a little like this… So it looks quite promising for this new musician I would say!

This track has a lot of nice ideas but it seems that mixing the different parts of this song isn’t as elegant as it could have been. Once again I must express my need for a catchy theme of some kind so I’m gonna give this a middle rate. Nice goin’ man!

Zero Pilot

none Misquided Missile

This tune really has the style. Despite the quite poor sound quality I really like this song. Especially the funky bassline in the middle and all the different classic breaks makes this a tune really hot. The acid synth noise is pretty original and I think its goes nicely with the rest of the song.

Misquided Missile is a high-quality production but its arrangement is quite common and I do miss a catchy theme, which all and all makes it impossible for me to rate it in the top range.

Dj Kivi

none Freaky Melody

Freaky melody is a cute little tune with a catchy melody to go with it. It starts out really nice with a really classic breakbeat sample “Do you really like to rock the funky beats….”. But I must say I do miss some hard beats in this one, actually I would have a problem characterizing this song as a breakbeat production but I gotta give it credit for its originality. I often try to get that retro oldskool  sound from back in the days but have never been able to do it as well as this! The production sound and style mostly reminds me of an old commodore 64 track…groovy stuff!

However since this is a breakbeat contest I must rate this track a bit below average.

The records represent the following:

    Are given to poor unoriginal productions. 

  Are given to solid but below average productions.

  Are given to average quality productions with a lack of originality.

  Are given to the supercilious productions that have it all, or to original innovative tracks!

  Are given to true masters that have the ability to combine originality and quality from a synthesis.


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