Breakbeat Contest '03

Breakers grab your turntables and dust off them old vinylz and hook it up to your music equipment and join the breakbeat contest 2003 to win lots of great prizes such as a free renoise registration (a $45 value) and breakbeat paradise samplescds!

Check out the winning tune - Funk On The Marina by the US Breaker -  Lodger!

Renoise ( is pro music software with full MIDI, VST and ASIO support. It implements sampler, DSP effects, fully featured sample and instrument editor - all in one program. You can use it for many music styles (Breakbeat/Jungle/D&B as well) - play with musical/VST instruments, one-shot samples or sample loops - or all at once!
Renoise also sponsors the Breakbeat Contest 03!

Canadian DJ store, that sells: Vinyl Records (Over 100 Releases each weeks with audio samples), CD's, DJ Equipment, Gear, Software and Hardware.
Sponsor for the Breakbeat Contest 2003.

An Alternative Rock/Rapgroup called Paramindz that combines styles as different as 60's Surf music, Folk Rock and
oldskool hiphop/breaks!

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Aside from the comments that can be found in the guestbook I have rescived a lot of cool feedback on this website. To show my appreciation I want to make the messages avaiable for everybody! Getting mails like this is what makes me wanna go on doing this! Thanx a lot everybody!


The trax are produced in the period from 1996 to present. You'll find everything from dance, house and trance to breakbeat, drum&bass and triphop. Mainly I want to dedicate this page to good 'ol skool breakbeat music, since this style really never meet the wide audience - and it probably never will :)

If you like or dislike any of my productions, I would like to hear out your opinions. Send 'em in a mail or sign my guestbook.

Enjoy the music madness...

/ Dj[BB] aka BadboE


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22-07-2003: A fresh new hiphop break tune called Feel The Groove has been added to the tunes section - check it out!

14-07-2003: A new section named Visitor Workz has been added. With this is not possible to upload and display your tracks remixes or djmixes for other to download, review and rate! If you have uploaded a tune in the past please fill out the submition form here!  

03-07-2003: We have found a well-deserved winner of The Breakbeat Contest 2003 in the US Breaker Lodger with his kickass tune Funk on the Marina. Check out the reviews of all the entries here!

09-06-2003: The followup for Da Funky Groove has finally been released! Check out the hot new track I wish and get ready to blow your mind with some funky ass breaks...

21-05-2003: My email address will change to The old address
will be disabled within 1 month so please change you addressbooks before then. Thanx!

16-05-2003: New hotness has entered Breakbeat Paradise! A section for Dj Mixes has been added to the Remix page. A 40 min. Breakbeat Remix set is on to kick of this thing. Send in you mixes and help the party people getting in the summer spirits!   

15-05-2003: Another fresh sponsor has jumped on the breakbeat contest train. The Rapgroup Paramindz has offered their Earth tour cd to the 3 best placed artists of the contest!

08-05-2003: A new sponsor for the Breakbeat Contest 2003 named DjMr has thrown in a gift certificate of 75$ on their great collection of DJ goodies such as Vinly Records, Audio Equipment, Dj Gear, software and hardware! Check out there awesome selection! 

03-05-2003: A new cool funky break tune has been added to the tunes section. Make sure to check out the rockin' beats of this fly cut! 

28-04-2003: An uploader application has been developed instead of the buggy browser solution. You can now upload directly to the Breakbeat Paradise fileserver without cutting your track into pieces first. Can also be used for your contest entry... 

27-04-2003: A statistics page has been added to keep track on the progress in the breakbeat contest 2003. Check it out!

25-04-2003: This first sponsor for the Breakbeat Contest is Renoise  who is offering the winner a free renoise registration (a $45 value)!

Now the moment we've all been waiting for (i hope :) - The Breakbeat Contest '03 is on... Now with a new powerful engine that enabels you to add your tracks directly to the contest and review and rate the entries. Check it out!  

16-04-2003: With this weeks nice update of cool samples Breakbeat Paradise wishes you all a great easter holiday. You gotta start working those tracks and turntabels, cuz the Breakbeat Contest 2003 is coming up in soon!

09-04-2003: A new cool Jazzy Hip Hop track has been added to the tunes section. Give it a listen - cuz it rox!

09-04-2003: The tunes section has been transfered to the database and a new picklist to sort the trax into styles has been added!

08-04-2003: A handy search engine has been added to the samples page - which makes it possible for you in free text to search for words in the sample description.

02-04-2003: The samplesite has been redesigned to php running on a MySQL database. This will give a much better performance and greater possibilities. More features such as search engines will be made in the near future! Place report to me if you find any errors on the page. Thanx!

27-03-2003: Extra info about the security of the webshop has been added on this location!

18-03-2003: A kickass Nu Skool Break track has just arrived -  directly from the music lab to the tunes section. Check it out!

12-03-2003: Breakbeat Paradise now has over 8000 samples in over 250 samplepacks available for download! A new quickmenu has been added for faster navigation.

10-03-2003: You can now upload your remixes and tunes to the Breakbeat Paradise fileserver to make them available for others to download. Check out the new Upload section!

05-03-2003: 5 awesome high quality acapella's has been added to the remix section. J Lo, Janet Jackson, Junion Jack + more!

4 trax from Breakbeat Paradise has been licensed by the label Juice Recordings from Washington DC. These trax will removed from the download section but can be bought on Vinyl from Juice and on the album Breakbeat Forever. More info will follow as soon as they are released.

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