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2005-07-08 16:46:14
Drop me a note here or in the forum!
I appreciate it...
2005-08-04 12:08:50
Rob Brisk
this is fucking sick!!!! how can i download it and keep it without streaming??
2005-08-05 00:55:10
Well...drop me an email to and I will send you a link to the file...
2005-08-24 02:09:51
This mix is funkin FRESH FRESH FRESH! makes me wanna git all funked up and boogey... to repeat the question of Rob Brisk... "How can I download and keep it without streaming?" Will try droppin u an email. B.T.W... Your site is real gift! Thanx ma bruddaman!
2005-09-07 13:10:08
Breaking Ben
Cool as ice!
2005-09-29 19:25:59
Jeff Jackson
A really grand mix! I have had this rockin' on the ipod for a few weeks now. Whenever I am sick of 4/4 beats and same ol' same ol', I turn to it. Never fails to get my ass shakin'. If you like this, try "Bringing Back The Funk" -- though it was completed first, it uses many of the same samples and sounds like the remix. On the down side, it ends -- but it ends mellow and not 'off the cliff'. I wish it went on and on and on....
2005-10-07 11:13:03
beyond compare
2005-12-28 20:23:59
kinda boring
2005-12-29 09:51:07
I guess funk is not for everyone...what i tried was to make some more funk oriented breakbeat tunes - so if you are more into techno/dnb kinda stuff this would propably not be for you...
2006-01-08 17:25:06
Jack Pirie (new-era sounds)
you got some funky shit going on there mate, that vocal sample really moves the track man, banging stuff, cant really think off much wrong with it, maybe you could add a grinding bassline into the mix or something instead of the modulating one you used, sound track though, keep em coming.
2006-01-09 07:13:48
Jack: You are right - actually I already changed the bassline in the final version - its seems like the decition to change the bassline was right now you found the same problem :) Thanks for the review!
2006-04-10 08:28:28
its cool man! Funky funky beat!


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