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Nothing But The Funk

Funky Breakbeat

I'm back with another funk phenomenon of a break tune! If you liked Stax of Trax or Breakin Down Motown this one is for you...
Kicks off tearing out an old funk vinyl which leads to a steadyfunk break sektion! Blends into a sweet soul vocal hook with some oldskool hiphop vox on top!
These 5 minutes of funk should get most parties started or at least get you in a groovy mood - so check it out...

I can promise you nothing but the funk on this one :)

This tune may not be up for grabs for long so be sure to get it while its here!





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The Funkiest Mix

Funky Breakbeat

Here is a funky BadboE mixdown to keep you cool this summer!
You all should know that I like to make things funky! So this time I decided to push the funk to the limit and make mix set of 6 new funky tunes of mine and mix them together into one big inferno of funky breaks!

The first tune is to be seen as an introduction to the mix and the lyrics of this rare funky tune pretty much explains what Im try to do with this set! The mix moves on to track 2: the hiphop turntablist inspired Throwdown that warms you up to the funky vibes thats gonna hit you in the rest of the mix! Track 3 Loose Your Funky Self is indeed one of the main features of this mix based on an Isley Brothers vocaltrack this funky baby should move the crowd. Moving on to track 4 which is a medley of 2 of my older funk tunes in a brand new modern disguise of tec effects and nu skool breaks. Things eases down a little in the trippy Big City Funk (track 5) which if my musical interpretation of life in a big city.

These tunes are a product of me doing the kind of music I love! Too many times I have tried to restrict myself to what is popular instead of focusing on what I do best!

Enjoy the mix!

I know the file it big - but go ahead and hit download - its a streaming mp3!