Breakbeat Paradise Uploader 4.0

Upload your remixes/tunes or entries for the breakbeat contest to the Breakbeat Paradise fileserver to make them available for others to download!

Most people have had a really hard time using the old uploader so I though I wanted to give it a little brush up for new breakbeat contest!

Without getting to sound like a cheesy commercial here is a list of the new cool features of uploader 3.0!

  • An intuitive wizard flow in the program

  • The possibility to upload artist pictures and logos

  • Each artist will get their own folder on the server

  • Url for songs and logos will automaticly be filled out in the submit forms on visitor worx and in contests after upload!

  • A progressbar showing the status of the upload! (What we all wanted)

  • New in uploader4:
    You can now upload your own samplespacks to breakbeat paradise...

  • Note: Uploader4 must be used to upload tunes for The Breakbeat Contest 2006 (uploader2 or 3 won't work!)

  • New in uploader4:
    You can now upload djmixes and remixes as streaming mp3s for the new remix 'n' djmix section...Remember to check the box un the last tab when uploading remix or djmix!

  • Don't worry Contest uploading is only disabled until a contest has started - and you will not need to download a new uploader when that is. Info are downloaded from the internet - which is also why the program now takes a little time to start up...

 Screendump from The Breakbeat Paradise Uploader 4.0 - Click the picture to download!

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