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The winners of breakbeat contest 2007 has been found...

From almost 60 entires we have found the winners of this year Breakbeat Contest 2007:


1. Cyberworm - Miracle

2. DaVIP - Sylver
3. Processor - My industry
4. Led - Punk Rising

See the full result here...

Full versions of the winning tunes as well as a brand new track with Cyberworm has been released on BBP Recordings:

Loopmasters - Official Sponsor of the Breakbeat Contest 2007

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The trax are produced in the period from 1996 to present. You'll find everything from dance, house and trance to breakbeat, drum&bass and triphop. Mainly I want to dedicate this page to good 'ol skool breakbeat music, since this style really never meet the wide audience - and it probably never will :)

If you like or dislike any of my productions, I would like to hear out your opinions. Send 'em in a mail or sign my guestbook.

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/ Dj[BB] aka BadboE


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2022-12-08  The sample download pages has been fixed. Merry Christmas!

2009-10-28  Get the info on the new BadboE releases and free mixes and tracks on the new website!

2008-06-16  Due to lack of interest from artists we have decided to cancel the breakbeat conetest this year. Hope to be back again in 2009!

2008-04-14  Breakbeat Contest 2008 will be delayed a little this year and will start in May 2008 and end August 1st!

2008-04-14  New funky BadboE dj-set up under Visitor remixes! Check it out!

2008-04-01  Check the funky new BadboE DJset on! If you dont already know this site - tune in - this is where the funk is at - with fresh new breaks djsets every week: Check it out!

2008-03-01  5 more samplepreview packs has been uploaded to the samplesite - Check out the hotness!

2008-03-01  Ohhh yeah!!! Its finally here - the 3. volume of the awesome Breakbeat Paradise Samplekit! This time hotter and fresher than ever - check out the preview packs and contents here!

2008-02-06  The BBP Samplekits are now avaiable for online purchase - so you can get the cool wave samples right awaya and even save money! Check it out!

2007-12-24  BBP wants to wish you all a merry xmas and a superfly new year! Thank you for the support in 2007! Let's keep it fresh in the coming years...

2007-11-18  The fileserver is back up and running! Sorry for the downtime!

2007-11-15  The fileserver will be down for about hafe a day - as the server is being moved! It should be back online again tomorrow morning! Samples will still be online :)

2007-11-11  2 cds with the funkies and coolest nu skool break trax mixed by dj Wiccatron and BadboE can be found in the DJmix section! Check it out!

2007-10-12  The forum has now been cleared from spam so we can all start using it again! Big thanks to Nuclear from helping out with the big cleaning job!
As a result of these spam-problems any new user must send an email to with your username and we will add you to the forum!

2007-10-09  Get your copy of the Loose your funky self EP "12 vinyl at a record dealer near you:
Beatstreet Canada
Fat City Record Shop
Cisco Records
Goodtime Music
Czech Republic OKMarkt

2007-08-23  The 4 top placed tunes of this years Breakbeat Contest has now been released on BBP Recordings. Also a brand new track with Cyberworm is available on the EP

2007-07-31  The long waited BadboE Funk EP has finally arrived! Get your copy of the extremly funky "Loose Your Funky Self/Ease the Funk EP" in the webshop

2007-07-01  The breakbeat contest 2007 has ended and the winners has been found. Once again this has been an amazing contest with lots of fantastic breakbeat trax! Enjoy the winning Cyberworm track and thanks to everyone who has joined in!

2007-05-18  5 new samplepacks has been added to the site today after a long "break" for updates! A little inspiration for your contest entry maybe - check it out!

2007-05-10  My email address has been boomed full with spam but it should be fixed now. So if you have sent me some email in the last few weeks please resend it. I'm sorry for this!

2007-04-01  The show is on...Breakbeat Contest 2007 has been lunched! So get your truntables and samples ready and produce the coolest nu skool pumper or the funkiest old skool jam of the year and become winner of this years contest! Good luck to everyone! Read more about the contest here!

2006-12-24  Breakbeat Paradise wanna wish you all a merry funky xmas and happy groovy nu year :) Thank you for the support in 2006 and hopefully we will have a equally great year in the next one!

2006-12-12  Special christmas offer on the Breakbeat Paradise Samplekits - Get vol. 1 and 2 for just 40 $ and save the shipping! The perfect christmas gift for any breakbeat producer :) Check it out

2006-12-09  A hot nu skool break release by the newest member of the BBP Recordings team - "Break the Box" is out! Check out funky freshness on the bbp recordins website or check out this preview track!

2006-11-01  A awesome new funky EP by B.B. Borne is out on BBP Recordings. Check out the Bastard Breaks ...

2006-10-17  A cool new release is out on BBP Recordings The winners of Contest06s Funky Breaks category "Mick" has released his first solo EP! Check it out...

2006-09-01  Due to a lot of spam messages on the forum it has not been restricted for only registered users to post. Hopefully this way we can start using it again! Sorry about this!

2006-08-18  The winning tunes of Breakbeat Contest 2006 can now be downloaded on the BBP Recordings website. Check out the cool new versions of these great tunes here

2006-07-01  Yiiiiir! The contest is over and we have found our well-deserved winners! The tunes in this years contest are fantastic and it has been a really hard job finding the best ones! We are 4 judges that has been working hard on all the last minute entries so not all tracks has been reviewed at this point...but it will be very soon.
Thanks to all the artist that has been submitting tunes...great work!

2006-05-16  5 fresh new samplepacks has now been updated. Now all in 192 kbit mp3s! Dj vocals - hardcore breaks - acid bassline - flute sections and native american samples...check it out!

2006-04-17  A hot new breakbeat paradise samplekit vol. 2 2cd set has just been made available in the Webshop Check out the cool samplepack of the 100%royalty-free wave-file material here!

2006-03-29  The breakbeat contest 2006 is on! So get them breaks running and join the contest before july 1st 2006! Good luck to everyone - let the games begin...

2006-03-05  The Breakbeat Paradise Recordings website is up and running - be sure to check it out:

2006-02-05  The Breakbeat Paradise Recordings label is in the making. A first release has been planned - a brand new website is being made and artists are being signed. So keep on sending us your songs on visitor tunes as we need good material for future releases!

2006-02-05  8 brand new samplepacks has been added to the samplearchive just now! Check it out!




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